2019. 5. 13.

PRIVACY POLICY (Quick Share to Slack Chrome Extension)

Quick Share to Slack application requires users to sign into their Slack account in order to use this service.

Quick Share to Slack does not store any user data that is made available as a result of authenticating with the Slack API, including your public profile and email, as well as your organization’s public channels, private channels or individual users.

Quick Share to Slack will not use or store your Slack related e-mail address for any promotional, marketing or other purposes.

Quick Share to Slack will not occasionally reach out to you with offers or adverts for additional products or services.

Quick Share to Slack will store your generated Slack token within the Google Chrome storage area via Storage Sync. This area is restricted to the Quick Share to Slack application and your Google account. This token is used to send links to Slack on your behalf. Revoking Quick Share to Slack access via the extension Settings, or deleting the extension, will remove this token from the storage area. You may read more about Chrome storage here.

Quick Share to Slack may introduce Google Analytics into the Chrome Extension to better understand user behavior and/or issues within the application, so that we may make the experience better for all users.

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